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Can My Boss Fire Me for Having Health Issues?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), CA paid sick leave laws, and workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect you, the employee, and make it challenging for your employer to lawfully fire you because of your health issues. However, just because these employment-related laws protect you does not [...]

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When Should I Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Oftentimes, employees who are being taken advantage of or mistreated at work stay – not because they want to, but because they are afraid they have no other options. This does not have to be the case.  In California, employment laws protect you, the employee. Employers frequently commit unlawful actions that wrongfully place employees in [...]

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Uber, Lyft Drivers – Independent Contractors or Employees?

Los Angeles Uber and Lyft drivers – have you been improperly classified as independent contractors? Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission ruled that ride-sharing drivers with Uber and Lyft are employees under California’s AB5. AB5, which went into effect on January 1, 2020, makes it difficult for employers to classify workers as contractors rather than [...]

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California Law Protects Whistleblowers

Workplace retaliation is illegal under California and federal law, but despite numerous laws prohibiting such behavior, it does occur in workplaces across the state. Indeed, California’s extensive protections for whistle-blowers extend beyond what many other states and the federal government provide.  California is considered to be a very employee-friendly state, perhaps the friendliest in the [...]

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Racial Discrimination at Work

In California and across the country, demonstrations in support of racial equality are taking place. Men and women, young and old – individuals are coming together and peacefully protesting for the fair and equal treatment of people. If your employer is mistreating you or discriminating against you because of your skin color, you may be [...]

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California Minimum Wage Violations

In the recent case of Frlekin v. Apple, Apple employees brought a putative wage-and-hour class action against Apple Inc., their employer, and sought compensation under California law for time spent waiting for and undergoing exit searches pursuant to Apple’s employee package and bag search policy. Time Spent Waiting Apple's "Employee Package and Bag Searches" policy [...]

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COVID-19 and Employees Who Don’t Want to Return to Work

With Governor Newsom recently announcing that California is ready to enter the early stages of “reopening” the local economy, many employees have questions about what this means for them. If your employer is able to begin this soft opening, are you required to return to work? Do I Have to Return to Work? Generally speaking, [...]

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Statute of Limitations for Employment Claims Extended Under COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life in California and across the country. Many California courts are, essentially, closed and injured individuals and wronged employees are left wondering how they will be able to access justice in the coming months. In light of this, California courts have issued orders attempting to respond to coronavius. [...]

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Workplace Furloughs Amidst COVID-19

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, California employers are being forced to make challenging workforce decisions to deal with the significant economic impact and uncertainty we are currently facing. Millions of people across the state are finding themselves without a job, either temporarily or permanently. And with this significant change in their work status [...]

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