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Defining a “Hostile Work Environment”

In California, the rights of the employee are strongly protected. Harassment and hostility at work creates a toxic environment that is not tolerated under California law. If you believe you are the victim of a hostile workplace environment, you will want to contact a skilled employment lawyer to discuss your legal rights. FEHA Under the [...]

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Medical Marijuana and the California Workplace

In 1996, California was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes and today, more than four million Americans are medical marijuana patients. Patients say the plant it is effective in treating ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, and cancer symptoms. In addition to medicinal use, Californians can smoke pot [...]

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Can I Be Fired for What I Post on Social Media?

These days, it seems like everyone is on social media. While, generally speaking, California employees have the right to maintain active social media accounts, are they allowed to post whatever they want without fear of being retaliated against at work or fired? The answer? It depends. California law prohibits employers from taking adverse employment actions [...]

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Employee Rights to Take Time Off to Vote

With Election Day just around the corner, many employees will be communicating with their employer about taking time off to vote. While California Governor Gavin Newsom recently issued an executive order requiring each county’s election officials to send vote-by-mail ballots to registered voters for the November election as well as an executive order mandating counties [...]

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California Expands Paid Sick Leave Benefits

With COVID-19 have come many new laws and regulations relating to the employer – employee relationship. Some of these laws relate to paid sick leave, workplace safety, employee pay, and more. If you have concerns about your employer’s compliance with these new rules, you will want to reach out to an experienced employment attorney. AB [...]

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Eric Boyajian Defeats Motion to Compel Arbitration in Class Action

ERIC BOYAJIAN DEFEATS A MOTION TO COMPEL ARBITRATION IN A SIGNIFICANT WIN FOR EMPLOYEES IN A CLASS ACTION Eric A. Boyajian, managing partner of the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian (“LOEAB Law”), an employment law firm based in Glendale, California, has defeated a motion to compel arbitration in one of the firm’s wage and [...]

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OSHA, COVID-19, and a Safe Workplace

Do you feel like your employer is failing to adequately protect you and your co-workers from COVID-19 or other illnesses? As we have discussed in recent posts, these are unprecedented times and many businesses are struggling to keep up with the changing regulations. Unfortunately, innocent employees are paying the price. Take the recent activity by [...]

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Wrongful Termination in California

Unexpectedly losing a job can be an upsetting experience at any point in time. Being let go from a job during a pandemic can feel devastating, financially and as well as emotionally. In Los Angeles, where the cost of living seems to increase yearly, a job represents more than a bi-monthly paycheck; it is also [...]

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