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On Behalf of Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian | May 1, 2024 Wrongful Termination

Eric Pogue, former head coach of the Oakland University men’s soccer team, is suing his ex-employer alleging discrimination and wrongful termination. Pogue claims he was fired due to his struggles with depression, a violation of California Labor Disability Laws. Pogue was a highly successful coach, winning multiple championships during his 15-year tenure. He became depressed after his mother’s death in December 2021 and informed the university. According to the lawsuit, instead of offering support, the university ostracized Pogue and imposed unnecessary work restrictions, knowing he was battling depression. Pogue was eventually pressured to resign, but when he requested a leave of absence to address his mental health, the university rejected his draft statement citing HIPAA violations. Pogue ultimately took leave in June 2023 and returned to lead the team to a championship win. Despite his success, the university fired him in February 2024.  Pogue believes his mental health struggles were the reason behind his termination and is suing for unspecified damages.  You can read more at the Detroit Free Press:  full article

Wrongful Termination Attorney



In California, it is generally illegal (some exceptions apply) to fire someone if the termination was motivated by the mental disability of the employee.  It is also illegal if the termination was motivated by the following characteristics:  race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, marital status, sexual orientation, age (over 40), physical disability, medical condition, genetic characteristic or information, military and veteran status, reproductive health decision-making, and the use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace.

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