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Glendale Workers’ Discrimination Attorney

Both federal and state laws exist to prevent California employers from discriminating against workers and potential employees. Unfortunately, not all employers obey these laws.

Victims of workplace discrimination have the right to take legal action by filing claims or lawsuits. A victim who wins their case may achieve such goals as being reinstated to a job they were terminated from, recovering financial compensation, and more.

That said, it’s important to understand that these cases are very complex. If you think you might have a case against a current employer, former employer, or a potential employer who committed discrimination by refusing to hire you, consult with a Glendale workers’ discrimination attorney at the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian, APC, Employment Lawyer. Having effective legal representation is key to building the strongest case possible.

Glendale Workplace Discrimination 101: Understanding Protected Classes

California law prohibits employers in our state from discriminating against workers and applicants/candidates based on such factors as:

  • Race/color
  • Ancestry
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Age (if someone is 40 or older)
  • Mental or physical disability
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity/expression
  • Genetic information
  • Medical conditions
  • Military and/or veteran status
  • Marital status

Glendale Workers’ Discrimination Cases: Common Examples

A wide range of behaviors and actions can potentially qualify as instances of workers’ discrimination in California. The following are just a few common examples:

  • Refusing to hire someone based on their race, gender, age, etc.
  • Encouraging older workers to resign or simply firing them when they reach a certain age
  • Denying workers raises or promotions they have earned
  • Not allowing workers to participate in training programs
  • Disciplining some workers more harshly than others
  • Overlooking the usage of racial slurs or other such discriminatory language in the workplace
  • Terminating a worker’s employment upon learning they are a member of or associate with a certain protected group

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. If you are not entirely certain you have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, but you suspect this may have occurred, strongly consider meeting with a Glendale workers’ discrimination lawyer to discuss your case in detail. They can help you better understand whether you have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit.

The experts at our Glendale workers’ discrimination law firm can also investigate your case to gather evidence proving you were discriminated against. This is vital. Proving that an employer is guilty of discrimination and that you are eligible to recover compensation accordingly can be very challenging if you attempt to do so on your own.

We have the experience and resources necessary to investigate your case by interviewing witnesses, acquiring old performance reviews, and taking any other such steps that can help you show an employer broke the law. Our assistance will play a critical role in helping you hold your employer accountable.

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