Glendale Religious Discrimination Attorney

Per federal and California law, your religion shouldn’t be a factor impacting your employment. If you believe you have been mistreated in the workplace due to your religion, schedule a case review with a Glendale religious discrimination attorney at the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian, APC, Employment Lawyer. We’ll review the details of your case and explain whether you have grounds to take legal action.

What Workplace Religious Discrimination Consists of in Glendale,CA

Workplace religious discrimination can take several forms. The following are just a few common examples:

  • Refusing to hire certain candidates based on their religious beliefs
  • Accounting for an employee’s religion when deciding to fire them
  • Accounting for an employee’s religion when deciding whether to offer them a promotion or raise
  • Accounting for an employee’s religion when deciding whether to provide them with certain professional development or career advancement opportunities
  • Accounting for religious beliefs when disciplining an employee
  • Assigning undesirable hours and/or tasks to certain employees based on their religious beliefs
  • Failing to accommodate work schedules based on religious beliefs

Be aware that an employer doesn’t need to directly participate in active discrimination against an employee to be guilty of workplace religious discrimination. They may also be engaging in discrimination if they simply allow an employee to be subject to harassment at the hands of their coworkers. For example, you may be a victim of workplace religious discrimination if your employer is ignoring the fact that you’ve been the target of:

  • Jokes about your religion
  • Slurs based on your religion
  • General criticism tied to your religion

You don’t need to accept this mistreatment. If you believe you’ve been the victim of discrimination, schedule a meeting at a Glendale religious discrimination law firm. We’ll inform you of your legal options.

How a Glendale Religious Discrimination Lawyer Helps

Proving that an employer mistreated you on the basis of your religion can be challenging if you attempt to do so on your own. This is at least in part due to the fact that employers will often lie about their reasons for mistreating employees.

For example, perhaps you’ve been fired because of your religious beliefs. It’s unlikely that your boss told you the actual reason for your firing. Instead, they may have covered it up by stating that you were fired due to poor performance.

Proving that the reason they gave for letting you go isn’t the actual reason for the termination requires conducting an investigation, gathering old performance reviews, coordinating with witnesses, etc.

A qualified Glendale religious discrimination attorney can conduct such an investigation on your behalf. They can also assist you by:

  • Determining what type of compensation may be appropriate based on the nature of your losses/damages
  • Filing a claim/lawsuit and handling all administrative tasks your case may involve on your behalf
  • Answering any questions you may have about your case’s progress

At the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian, APC, Employment Lawyer, we’re committed to ensuring employers are held accountable when they break the law by engaging in religious discrimination. To learn more about whether you have a case, contact us online or call us at 818-839-5969.

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