Glendale Sexual Harrassment Attorney

California law strictly prohibits any form of workplace sexual harassment. Unfortunately, research confirms that sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a significant problem throughout the country.
Hopefully, you will never be a victim of such mistreatment. If you already have been, though, you may have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit.
Your odds of winning a case will typically be much greater if you have proper legal representation. At the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian, a Glendale sexual harassment attorney can assist you by:

  • Gathering evidence of harassment
  • Handling all administrative tasks your case may involve, such as filing a claim or lawsuit by a deadline
  • Demonstrating that you’re owed some form of compensation or justice based on the negative impact that workplace sexual harassment had on your quality of life, finances, etc.

We tailor our approach to each individual case. This is key to ensuring victims like yourself have a voice.

Glendale Sexual Harassment Cases: Important Information

Workplace sexual harassment can take many forms. Common examples include:

  • Demanding or requesting that a subordinate perform sexual favors, perhaps in exchange for a promotion, raise, etc.
  • Making sexual jokes or comments
  • Sharing sexual content via email, chat, phone, etc.
  • Spreading rumors about a worker’s sexuality
  • Asking questions about sexual preference, sexual behavior, etc.
  • Unwanted sexual touching
  • Discriminating against someone based on their sexual preferences, sexual history, etc.

That’s not an exhaustive list. If you’re unsure whether you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss your case in greater detail. The experts at our Glendale sexual harassment law firm can assess the circumstances, explain your legal options, and provide the representation you need if you decide to work with us.

A Glendale Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help When an Employer Retaliates

An employer may retaliate if you reject their sexual advances or report sexual harassment in the workplace. Examples of retaliation include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Termination of employment
  • Denying promotions or raises you’ve earned
  • Demotion
  • Being assigned undesirable hours and/or job duties
  • Not being permitted to participate in training sessions, educational seminars, or other activities that could play a positive role in your professional development
  • Threats
  • Intimidation
  • Ridicule

Just as the law prohibits workplace sexual harassment, it also prohibits such forms of retaliation. Discuss your case with a Glendale sexual harassment attorney if you’ve been the victim of this type of mistreatment.

How a Glendale Sexual Harassment Attorney Helps

Your employee or company handbook likely outlines the official procedure for reporting sexual harassment to HR. Follow the steps it describes if you believe you’ve been the victim of harassment.

It’s true that HR might not remedy the situation appropriately. Regardless, your chances of winning a case later will be greater if you can be shown your concerns were significant enough that you felt it necessary to file an official report.

Next, schedule a consultation with a Glendale sexual harassment lawyer at the Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian. We can help you pursue the justice you deserve in these upsetting and unacceptable circumstances. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 818-839-5969.

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